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 Each drawing takes approximately 20 minutes to draw. With over 200 drawings available you could watch this screen saver for 3 days straight and not see the same drawing twice

 This is not the typical screen saver that you get tired of after 5 minutes

 Many people have been using this screen saver for years since new drawings are available each month!

 You can actually learn to draw by watching it!

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Preview a Drawing :
Click here to see a preview of a drawing.

Full version:
These drawings require the full version of the screen saver. You can download a copy here.

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Watch the drawings being drawn. Download them free and email them to your friends.

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Welcome. Download free drawings for the drawing hand screen saver
All require the latest version of the DrawingHand Screen saver.

 Many Different Drawings:
It can draw over 300 different drawings. Visit the Art Gallery to see all of the drawings available. Clicking the pictures will take you to the Art Gallery or the Gallery Links. From there you can make your choice.

winter i_small

winter iii_small

  Art Gallery:
The Art Gallery contains links to over 200 drawings for the DrawingHand Screen saver. You must download and register the DrawingHand Screen saver to use the drawings.


 Free to download:
Here you find free drawings for use with the screen saver. All drawings are free to download. You find several categories; Winter, Nature, Holiday & Season, Kids and Custom Drawings.

forest wonderland_small

winter ii_small

 Preview a drawing:
If you like to see how a drawing is done then click here to see it.


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